Cheryl Cope: " Do you like it when, after you read a book where the author has shared enough of their heart and personal stories, that they feel like a new friend? This is one of those books. This entire book is centered on surrender. In some ways it was challenging. In some ways it was encouraging. And throughout it all I found Ms. Lokulutu to be authentic and personable. I also had to get out my highlighter as I found some gems inside. Here are a few of these gems.

If you want to discover who you really are, you must first surrender to God.” (p. 6)
“The bottom line is this: either we surrender our body to God or to sin.” (p. 11)
“God can do more in your reliance on Him than you can do in trying harder.” (p. 53)

“Surrender is not an absence of strength; it is humility in the presence of strength and the ultimate expression of strength under control.” (p. 107)
“The alternative to surrender is not completer freedom; it is slavery to something or someone else.” (p. 159)
Paige: " Mercy Lokulutu will inspire you, challenge you and make you search the most secret places of your heart and soul. Her book weaves together a life impacting event with the God searching process of "surrender." If you want to read a book that will stay etched in your spirit, read her book and share it with a friend. You can tell that Mercy poured herself into this book with God as her lead. All I can say is "Wow!" 
Andrea Howey:  "This is a great book! I was so touched reading this powerful message about surrender, and hearing her personal stories just testify to the strength found in surrender. When we think about what surrender looks like, we tend to envision it in terms of being knocked down and defeated, but in her book, Mercy beautifully demonstrates how we find our true identity and purpose when we live a life surrendered to Christ. A life surrendered to Christ isn't a weak, courage-less life; it holds protection, provision, identity, destiny, and victory in Jesus! Definitely recommend!"