Three years ago I was privileged to attend SHINE Women’s Conference in Jacksonville, Florida. It was there that I first met the remarkable Mercy Lokulutu. I was absolutely blown away by her relevant teaching of God’s Word and her passionate prayers spoken over all of the women at the conference. I could see that Mercy had a heart for Jesus and the truth of the Gospel, and I could also see that God had given her an incredible gift – to relay this love of Jesus and His truth to others. And there was more – there was something different. Mercy not only spoke the Word and encouraged and prayed, SHE WAS different – confident, hopeful, authentic and insightful.

Mercy is a VOICE. A voice of confidence, as she makes her way down the road of faith with constant joy and wisdom. A voice of hope, as she calls aloud to all of us who need encouragement in our spiritual lives. A voice of authenticity, as she lives a life of complete dependence upon God and leads us to do the same. A voice of insight, as she uses a Heavenly perspective to call the people of God forward, into Kingdom action. Mercy has a desire to search out the truths and treasures of Scripture and the VOICE to communicate them clearly and genuinely.

Mercy is a woman passionate for Jesus and His Word with a heart for others to know both in a profound, life-changing way. She is a wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister and employee who will always bring a practical application of Biblical principles to our lives. My own walk with Jesus has been strengthened and my heart incredibly encouraged through the teachings and words of Mercy Lokulutu. She is a true gift to the Body of Christ; a woman of profound faith and enormous courage with a VOICE that calls out, preparing the way for Jesus Christ our Savior.
— Amy Leigh Bamberg, Dream Team Coordinator|Church of the Highlands
Mercy Lokulutu has been a part of Celebration Church since she was a young woman and just starting out in life. It has been an honor and a pleasure to watch God expand her influence and confirm His call on her life. She began serving in youth ministry quite some time ago and has since become a respected and influential leader in our church. She is a frequent speaker in our weekend services at Celebration as well as in our women’s events and conferences. In addition to speaking, working and being a mom, she has also been a part of and led mission trips to Africa and Guatemala. She was ordained on February 3, 2010 as a pastor, but most important of all is her heart to serve—she truly has a heart for the house and to serve the local church. Mercy is a gifted speaker and is truly a passionate student of the word of God who studies to show herself approved. It is with confidence that we endorse her ministry and recommend her to speak at your event.
— Pastors Stovall and Kerri Weems, Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida